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When should I sell my motorcycle?

Ask yourself; “when is the best time to sell my motorcycle?” Of course since we buy them we could just say “now would be the best time.”  It (the best time to sell your motorcycle) really depends on is in fact you and what the purpose for selling it is. My thoughts are that as soon as you determine you want to sell your motorcycle, you should do a little research and then contact us and of course check other sources.

New models come out at specific times determined by the manufacturer.  However, if you are not in a hurry and think you want to sell your motorcycle at some point in the next year, you may want to sell your used motorcycle or ATV when the demand is greatest. Of course the demand for the type of motorcycle or atv you want to sell does change at different times of year. Street bikes and Cruisers might sell better in the Spring and Summer, then they would sell in the fall or winter.

One of the reasons I believe you should sell your motorcycle when you first look into selling it, relates to an incident that transpired in October. I had a guy contact us asking for a quote on selling his Harley Davidson motorcycle to us. I gave him the price we could pay for it,  then he asked if there was a better time to sell a motorcycle. I said if it was me, I would sell my motorcycle now. He thanked me and said he would get back with us.  About a month later he called back and told me that when we last talked, he had gotten prices close to what I had given him, but thought he would wait.  He figured it would be closer to Christmas and maybe he could get more for the bike then. Well, when he called back the other places he had gotten quotes from, he got lesser offers from them then before!  I told him based on the circumstances and the type of vehicle he had that I could understand why they offered him less, but that I would honor the price i gave him a month earlier. We made the deal and he is a happy camper (or motorcyclist i should say).

I’m not saying that, that would happen in every case, but it is enough of a compelling reason to think of the old saying “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.  So that is our answer to “When should I sell my motorcycle?”

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