WolfWhen it comes to motorcycle riding in Atlanta, Georgia the key for great riding is to get out of town! If you are looking for scenery, great places to eat, and smooth roads there are many routes outside of the city that you are sure to enjoy.

Riding a motorcycle is a thrill in itself, but for some it’s just not enough.  Starting in Dahlonega, GA head towards Suches, GA until you reach Route 180, also known as Wolfpen Gap Road. Here is where your journey begins. If you are a recent motorcycle buyer, let it be known that this is a challenging ride. Route 180 is approximately the width of a driveway leaving no room for passing. You will be confronted with unannounced blind turns and drastic elevation changes. Perfect for all the dare devils out there.

You will enjoy riding through Chattahooche National Forest and around the bottom of Georgia’s Blood Mountain. Passing through the mountain passes will present you with unforgettable views. Making this trip in the fall only makes it that much better, as the leaves are changing it brings in reds, yellows, and greens.

When taking on challenging routes, it is always important for new motorcycle buyer to know their riding ability and not go outside of that. Riding through Wolfpen Gap, you will see the many memorials of riders who unfortunately did not have the proper ability.

So, please be safe and enjoy the ride!