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Cross Country from Detroit, MI to San Diego, CA

2,343.00 miles, 33 hours, and a ravishing view to top it off. Riding across the country from Detroit, Michigan to San Diego, California is a dream, desire, and lifetime goal for many motorcycle riders. There’s just something beautiful about traveling from one side of the country to another. You get to ride at your own pace, enjoy the outdoor weather, and experience and see things you’ve never seen before. Crossing through America on a motorcycle is a challenge worth accomplishing. Why did we choose from Detroit? Well believe it or not Michigan and the whole Midwest is a hot bed of Motorcycle owners and riders.

There’s a lot to take into consideration when planning a trip from Detroit to San Diego. Is it safer, easier, and cheaper to with someone else or do I want to go it alone? What should I pack for this long trip? Where should I stop to take a break? Where should I stay? Which is the best route to take when traveling from Detroit to San Diego? All of these questions are great questions to ask and you should take the time to investigate. Cross Country motorcycle trip

Cross Country Trip Facts/Tips

  1. The best time to travel across the country is from May-October. When deciding on what bike to use, bigger does not always equal better/more fun. Choose a bike that best suits you. Whether you purchase a bike or use your own, the only thing that really matters is how comfortable you feel while riding it. Be sure to have at least 4-5,000 miles of life left in your bike’s tires before heading on the road.
  2. The United States of America is a lot bigger than one may think. If you know how to read a map, we recommend that you use one for your trip. Michelin maps are the best maps to use because they are very detailed and can be easily accessible to purchase on
  3. Be sure to pack earphones, your cell phone (some areas may not have signal, hence the need for a traditional map), motorcycle luggage, maps, toiletries, a tool box, a motorcycle cover, etc.
  4. Buy a cooling vest if you plan on traveling from Detroit to San Diego in the summertime. If you have rain gear, bring that, too. You never know what the weather may be like. Listening to the weather band radio is helpful when riding from Michigan to California just in case there’s a storm in the area that you need to be aware of.
  5. Going to bed no later than 10 pm the night before your trip and waking up early (no later than 7 am) the next morning is always best. It’s a joy to observe the world and see the sun rise while riding your motorcycle. Eating a light breakfast is advised. Save your heavier meals for dinnertime.
  6. Check to see what route works best for you. Once you’ve hit the road, it’s up to you if you want to take Interstates or not. Interstates save a lot of time, but it also will make your trip end sooner. Some of the best routes in San Diego are Highway 94 and Sunrise Highway.
  7. At the end of the day, if you’re not into motorcycle camping, a Best Western, Super 8, or Motel 6 is the best way to go to rest for the next morning.
  8. Enjoy the wonderful view, blog, take pictures, and jot down notes of the names and places that you’ve stopped by along the way that are the most memorable to you.request free quote for motorcycle

We hope that this has been helpful for your Cross Country trip from Detroit, MI to San Diego, California. If you decide you need a better ride because your motorcycle has to many miles or doesn’t ride smooth enough or doesn’t have enough power for the mountain rides, then give us a call or request a free quote on selling your motorcycle!