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Polaris 800 Dragon Switchback

Polaris 600 LX

If you love hitting moguls and tearing through fresh laid powder then this is the sled that was made for you. With quick terrain changes you need a sled that can keep up and take every hit. That why Polaris created their crossover sleds that are built to tackle any terrain with ease and precision while riding in comfort.

For 2010, the ultimate crossover is the Polaris 800 Dragon Switchback. It has been shown to be able to handle any situation, with any terrain. It gives you their Terrain Dominating Control system, with the most powerful combination of horsepower and suspension in Polaris history. A 136 inch track bridges the bumps and a RipSaw track pattern with 1.25 inch lugs delivers the utmost in on- and off-trail performance. But if it’s time to take to switch up your ride for a more secure model with more power, then we can help.

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