Sell Us Your Bike

Preparing Your Bike for a Sale

Are you finally getting ready to part ways with your baby aka; your beloved motorcycle? Besides skipping over the long, drawn-out hassle of selling your motorcycle through online or local classifieds, we have some other tips you might find useful when you get the wheels rolling on the selling process, especially if you don’t quite know where to begin!

Here at Sell Us Your Bike, we’ve been known to purchase a wrecked or salvaged motorcycle from time to time, depending on the situation. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate a nice, clean bike that’s ready to roll as soon as we come to your home or other convenient location to pick it up! Cleaning your motorcycle can be a good way to squeeze a couple extra bucks out of it when it comes time to sell, plus, we know you have pride in your bike, and giving it a good cleaning could be a nice way to spend some quality time with it before sendoff.
Here are some areas to focus on:

  • Fix up any minor dents or scratches – If your bike has been banged up or nicked a bit, this won’t cost you an arm and a leg and could certainly increase your motorcycle’s value.
  • Spray with WD40 – To do away with gunk and grime, use your trusty WD40, fit for use on both metal and plastic. It works well on the engine too.
  • Clean your brakes – Furniture polish will do wonders on the centers of your brakes, and a Scotch-Brite pad can really make your outers shine. Any remaining residue can be removed by using brake cleaner.
  • Tune up your bike – You’ll know if your motorcycle starts quickly and without a problem or if it struggles to get going once you start it, but it’s never a bad idea to scan the T-CLOCS checklist, backed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, to make sure your bike is all systems go from a safety standpoint.

Once your bike is cleaned up and ready to be sold, hop on your computer and fill out one of our FREE quote forms to get an estimated quote and receive top dollar for your gently used motorcycle quickly and without the hassle. The sooner you Contact us the sooner we will be there to pick up your bike!!