Preparing Your Bike For WinterIt is time to start preparing your bike for winter! October is about to come to an end and the cold season is settling in. It is important for your motorcycle to be properly prepared before going into storage for the winter. So, what steps do you need to take?

Clean All Exterior Surfaces

First of all, it is time to clean up your motorcycle. This seems like an obvious step. After all, nobody wants a dirty bike sitting in their storage or garage. Although it seems like a waste to clean a bike that is not going to be on the road for months, it will save you time in the long run. Cleaning dirt and grime from your bike now will prevent it from drying and hardening onto its surface. In addition, you can spend all winter looking at your shiny and clean motorcycle instead of one covered in bugs and debris.

All Moving Parts are Lubricated

Do you know how stiff your joints can get if you don’t move them for a while? Well, that’s how your bike’s going to feel if you don’t lubricate all its moving parts before storage. If your motorcycle is going to be in storage for months, you need to overall your essential internal components with a light layer of oil. A light layer of oil will prevent moister from building up. One of the best ways to do this is to remove spark plugs and put a tablespoon of oil into the holes. Once the oil is in, turn over the engine to help spread the oil before adding the spark plugs back. In addition to lubricating the internal components, you should check the chain, cables, and controls and lubricate them as well. A little lubrication will help your bike fight off the dry and cold winter.

Fill Up or Drain It!

This is another step that seems like a waste but is necessary! A full tank is important to keep moisture on the tank walls. In addition to topping off your tank, you should add a fuel stabilizer. You should take your motorcycle out for a tiny spin to allow the gasoline and fuel stabilizer to mix. An alternative is to drain the entire tank of fuel. You should consider this option if you are going to be keeping your motorcycle in storage for over six months.

Other Steps You Need to Take

There are plenty of steps that need to be taken outside of the three above. These other steps include:

  • Change Oil
  • Replace Filter
  • Remove Battery
  • Remove Air from Tires
  • Stuff the Air Intake and Exhaust Pipes
  • Wax Exterior Surface

Once you have finished doing all of these steps, your bike is ready to be put away into storage. However, there is another option outside of preparing your bike for winter.

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