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We are one the the largest wholesale motorcycle dealers in the United States and we buy motorcycles. If you’ve ever wonderwed whether your local motorcycle dealer would buy yor motorcycle from you, the answer is probably yes if they sell used motorcycles. If your motorcycle dealer tends to specialize mostly in the sale of new motorcycles, they may not be interested in a direct buy of your motorcycle. They may take it as a trade-in, however, many dealers will not buy used motorcycles from you.

Lucky for us that so many motorcyle dealers will not buy your motorcycle from you. This gives us the opportunity to buy your motorcycle from you. Because we are a large motorcycle buyer in the United States, we know used motorcycles and we know their value and since we work on low margins when we wholesale our used motorcycles, we are able to pay more for each bike we buy. We’ve heard all of the stories from others that tried to sell their motorcyle to their local used motorcycle dealer. We’ve heard how insulting they can be with their offers to buy your motorcycle. We aren’t like that. We are in the business of buying used motroccyles and we will pay more for your bike than someone who is thinking that if they buy your used motrocycle, that it will sit there tying up their floor space and their funding. This is a risk that many motrcycle dealers can’t afford to take. Since this is our business, we will buy most any motorcycle. we’ll come to you to buy it and we’ll pay you cash on the spot when we do.

You can try to sell your motorcycle to your local dealer or you can give us a call at 800-963-9216 or fill out our convenient online form to tell us about the motorcycle you wnat to sell. We’ll make you an offer for your motorcycle and then be on our way to buy it from you.