Have you ever seen or maybe ridden on a trike motorcycle? When we think of the three-wheel cruiser it tends to flash us back to our childhood. But adult trike motorcycles are gaining in popularity these days, especially in the elderly community!

Trike motorcycles, or motorized tricycles, come in two types: deltas or tadpoles. Delta tricycles have one wheel in the front with two in the back, while tadpole trikes are
inverted; they have two wheels in front and one in the back.

One of the main reasons why trike bikes are so attractive to people is because they provide an alternative to traditional motorcycles for the elderly. Longtime motorcycle riders that start to feel the physical effects of aging usually don’t want to just hang up their boots and helmet and call it quits! Instead they tend to transition to trike motorcycles, for reasons like:

  • Balky legs or bad knees
  • Diminishing eyesight
  • Mobility issues
  • Trouble keeping balance

Another unique trait of the trike motorcycle is that it is usually designed to carry multiple passengers in the back. Also, in some states helmet regulations are not enforced for trike motorcycle riders.

At Sell Us Your Bike, we always make it known that we accept any motorcycle that you want to sell, and that does not exclude motorized tricycles. More and more people are looking to both buy and sell them, and we’ve taken notice of that. From used Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultras to used Honda Gold Wings, we’re on the prowl, looking to buy great used trike motorcycles, no matter the make or model. Just tell us about yours for a free quote!

Stylish, comfy, and practical, it’s no wonder trikes are gaining steam in the motorcycle industry! Enjoy the spring and summer seasons riding on yours if you own one, and if you want to give someone else the joy of cruising on a trike motorcycle, contact us to sell!