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Wintertime- Get the Most from your Bike!

The small window motorcycle riders had to cruise around in the winter while it was still bearable outside has firmly slammed shut. The weather in Michigan, Ohio, or Illinois is out of control, as many Midwestern cities are experiencing historically low temperatures. So if you haven’t gone out there to give your bike one last round of maintenance before you prepare to sell your motorcycle this spring, you might want to get on that!

As we hit the heart of winter, you’ll want to make sure your motorcycle is in good condition. Before you store it away for good this winter, checking on the brakes and the oil level as well as lubing or waxing your chain one last time is a good way to ensure that your bike is primed and ready to go when the weather warms up. That way you get the best value out of your bike when you decide to look for motorcycle buyers.

If you can take your bike for one last ride, even around the block a couple times, just to see if you hear or feel anything out of the ordinary, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to take it into the shop for the repair it may need. For the appearance of your bike, waxing it or washing it one last time to see if there is anything physically wrong with the exterior can help you address that before you officially put it up for sale this spring. Remember, every repair needed is less cash you’ll get for your bike when you go to sell your motorcycle in Illinois, Ohio, or Michigan, so you may as well get it out of the way now!

One last important precaution to take is to remove your bike’s battery by hooking it up to a battery tender during the winter. Be aware that the battery tender you own or are planning to buy doesn’t overcharge the battery. Some trickle chargers constantly charge the battery, no matter its condition. If your battery is non-maintenance, fill it with distilled water. The water level in each compartment of your battery should be filled up to the top marker.

When everything’s good to go, be sure to request a quote from Sell Us Your Bike so that you can sell your gently used motorcycle for what it’s worth once these freezing cold temperatures finally subside!