Yamaha V Star

Yamaha V Star


Type: Cruiser

Size: Midsize – Large

Engine type: air cooled V-twin engine

CCS: 942- 1500cc engine (depending on model/year)

MPG:  42-78 (depending on model/year)

Fuel Capacity: 4.5 gallons

Transmission: five-speed

This brand of motorcycle was started in 1994 by its parent company Yamaha as a stand alone brand name for the American cruiser market. This bike is great for beginners and for experienced riders alike. The Yamaha V Star is well known for its  modest sticker price and easy handling. The V Star Custom can be a less economical choice than some others but is as the name implies, more customizable.

Versatile, easy handling, and stylish have all been used to describe this bike. With a smooth style and classic look this bike has a lot to offer.

Although this motorcycle is classified under the cruiser brand many people say this bike is best for shorter rides. Extended rides have caused some people rider fatigue and vibrations from the bike are less than ideal. Other reviews of the bike say that any kind of sharp turn will cause the pegs to meet the pavement. Some people want more get up and go, some a more comfortable ride, either way we are willing to take this bike off your hands.

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